Meet The Team

Terra Gaddes, Publisher

Terra Gaddes


Terra believes food connects people and brings them together.  Over the past two decades, she has immersed herself in her community and witnessed its food culture evolve, shared countless meals, and connected with some remarkable individuals. She hopes the publication will inspire its readers to explore the vibrant community behind our food, discover new places, support local endeavours and foster connections over shared meals.

Naomi Tomky - Editor

Naomi Tomky


As the world’s most enthusiastic eater of everything, Naomi Tomky digs into the intersections of food, culture and travel for publications such as The New York Times, AFAR and Travel + Leisure, and in her cookbook, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook.

Vairdy Frail - Photographer

Vairdy Frail

Art Director/Photographer

Vairdy is a commercial and editorial photographer based in beautiful Squamish. She specializes in food and lifestyle photography and is committed to supporting brands and businesses that are making waves in their industry. Her friends describe her as adventurous, loyal and energetic, a requirement for keeping up with her husband and twin boys as they explore mountains and coastlines at home and abroad. You can find her at or @vairdy_photography

Morgan Smith - Writer

Morgan Smith

Writer/Social Media Manager

Found curiously exploring in the mountains of Squamish, Morgan is a self-proclaimed food-obsessed writer. Never a stranger to a new spot popping up in town, she’ll ecstatically steer you in the direction of something memorable — whether the perfect bowl of soup, a must-see concert or a place where the lighting is just right. When she’s not writing or badgering you to get a compost bin, she can be found among the trees, listening to music a bit too loud or making elaborate meals for herself. Find her on Instagram @gimmemorge.

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