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Why Advertise In Edible Sea to Sky?

edible SEA TO SKY is a locally owned and operated publication that will bring our readers stories about food and food culture in the region.  

We hope to build a community network of like-minded individuals, businesses, and experts who share the common vision of promoting locally sourced food and drink.  By showcasing the diverse range of produce and artisanal creations from the region, we want to empower our readers to make informed decisions that positively impact their health, community and environment.

With a focus on education and awareness, we will provide valuable insights into the benefits of supporting local food systems, including reduced environmental impact, enhanced freshness and taste, and the empowerment of local economies. 

In partnering with edible SEA TO SKY, you have the opportunity to reach a dedicated and engaged audience, consisting of food enthusiasts, farmers, chefs, and local business owners. Our readers are extremely passionate about the local food scene, and they seek out new and exciting products that are both locally sourced and of exceptional quality. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible food production resonates deeply with our readers. By working with us, you can align your business with these values, and demonstrate your commitment to promoting good business practices. You will have the chance to showcase your brand to a niche audience who will appreciate and value your business.

We are the only magazine in the region completely dedicated to sharing content all about food.  

People who love food love to read about and research food, where to get it and where it comes from. Our readers are extremely passionate about the local food scene.  

We are permission-based advertising. We hit 100% of your target audience because people choose to pick it up and they find value in what we print. 

edible SEA TO SKY is a proud member of Edible Communities, the world’s largest media company dedicated to the local food movement, founded in 2002. Today, there are over 70 edible magazines across North America.

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